What is Bala Academy?

Bala Academy is an immersive 7 days boot camp for startups, founders and educators from emerging markets looking for access to the Canadian startup ecosystem. Based in Toronto, Canada, our 7-day program is the perfect way to re-energize your startup, learn and network with other entrepreneurs and experience Toronto.


Founded by serial entrepreneur Sathish Bala, Bala Academy is a hybrid model, developed with the success of the entrepreneur being the key focus of the 7-day program. Beyond the program, Bala Academy‚Äôs online portal, partner networks aim to continue to be an integral part of the entrepreneurs’ success.

Learn From Entrepreneurs

Invest in learning new strategies, access to real mentors and a global network of entrepreneurs with Bala Academy

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We run small groups of 10 participants each month to ensure everyone gets our full attention and support. Now accepting applications for October 2019. Submit contact details below and someone from our service team will be in touch within 48 hours.